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Hello! I’m Michael. I Teach, I Design and I Research.

Take a Look Around & Don’t Be Shy. Say Hello!

What are you looking for? A new website? Ways to streamline your business or put a new service online?

The good news is I can help!

I have many years experience of building brands, websites and teaching industry standards design.

Take a look around, but send a quick email so we can chat about what you need in more detail and how I can help you.

I'm good at...

Web Design
Digital Marketing
Research & Development

...helping your business to grow!

I Design Things

The EdTechist

March 1, 2022

Rise Discipleship

November 17, 2021

Ashdale Engineering

October 28, 2020


October 18, 2020


October 17, 2020

Pip Fire & Security

November 17, 2014

Pencro Structural Engineers

August 17, 2014



All types of websites – redesigns, new builds, side-projects. Branding – logo design, stationery, business cards, flyers, posters, banners.

All designed to the same high level of quality.


I am a teacher through and through, but I have had enough experience in business to know how to combine the two! I love teaching the next generation the skills needed in IT to succeed!


I have always been excited by technology – how it moves forward and improves. My areas of interest include Web Design, Cyber Security and the Internet of Things.


I get excited by research! As an academic, my research areas of interest include pedagogy; cyber psychology; professional development; online communities and the impact of cybercrime.

Oh, & I Write Sometimes


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